CTBR&D CONSTITUTION (Agreed 18th January 2018)


  1.  Name           The name of the fellowship of churches working together in Bognor Regis and District shall be “Churches Together in Bognor Regis & District”, hereinafter referred to as CTBRD.
  2.  Basis           The Basis and Commitment of CTBRD shall be that accepted by “Churches Together in England”. It is as follows:            “A fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour, and seek to fulfil their common calling to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit”
  3.    Objectives           The primary object of CTBRD is to draw the churches of the Bognor Regis District into greater understanding and unity. In particular, to enable the churches to:
  4. a) Witness together
    b) Serve together
    c) Worship together
    d) Pray together
    e) Socialise together
    f) Study together
  5.      Membership

4.1      The following Christian congregations are constituent members of CTBRD:

           (See Membership page for details on this)

4.2      Supporters            Christian organisations and individuals wanting to be informed about and involved in the work of CTBR&D may become supporters. As such, they will be entitled to send observers to all meetings of the Representative Council, but shall have no voting rights. They will be able to receive all regular mailings from CTBR&D.   Supporters will be invited to contribute to the costs of CTBR&D.

4.3      Any new applications for membership are to be made in writing to the Chairperson.    It will be for the Representative Council to decide whether such applications are acceptable. Newly admitted groups will be formally welcomed at the next Representative Meeting.

  1.  The Representative Council

5.1      Function             The Representative Council shall meet at least annually in January/February to appoint office bearers and other members of the Coordinating Group. The Coordinating group will be accountable to it, and will refer to it decisions on any major new initiative.

5.2      Membership            The Representative Council shall consist of up to two lay representatives of each of the Constituent Congregations, and one clergy, minister or leader.

5.3      Office Bearers            Office Bearers shall be elected by the Representative Council from among its membership. The term of office shall be one year, but the outgoing office bearer can stand for re-election for up to a further two terms.           The chairperson shall also chair the Coordinating Group.

5.4      The Quorum            At any meeting of the Representative Council if voting leading to binding decisions is to take place, at least 40% of the membership must be present and voting. A majority vote will be accepted.

5.5      Nominations, Elections & Appointments

  1. a) Nominations shall be called for 1 month prior to the Annual General Meeting for the following offices…Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, and any other officers deemed necessary. These are to be confirmed by the Annual Meeting.
  2. b) An independent examiner shall be appointed by the Meeting.
  3. c) The Representative Council shall confirm the appointment of representatives to outside bodies as appropriate.


5.6 Annual General Meeting            At the AGM, held in January/February the following Reports shall be given:

  1. a) The outgoing Chairperson or Secretary on the events and initiatives of the previous year;
    b) Proposals from the Coordinating Group for the coming year;
    c) A financial report and independently examined accounts from the outgoing Treasurer;
    d) Other reports as necessary.
  2. The Coordinating Group      

6.1      Function            The function of the Coordinating Group shall be to carry out the day-to-day business of the CTBR&D within the overall policy determined by the Representative Council.

6.2      Membership            The Coordinating Group shall consist of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and up to six further members appointed by the Representative Council to assist in fulfilling the function of the Group.

6.3      Co-option          The Coordinating Group shall also have the power to co-opt up to three persons, not necessarily members of the Representative Council, for specific needs. The maximum length of continuous service for co-opted members of the Coordinating Group shall be three years, unless otherwise determined. Such co-opted members shall become full members of the Representative Council.

The Coordinating Group shall also have the power to set up sub-committees for specific projects and to co-opt members to staff them.

6.4      Meetings            The Coordinating Group shall meet as often as is necessary.

  1. Subscription           Each constituent Congregation shall be required to pay an annual subscription for the expenses of CTBR&D. The level of subscription shall be determined by the Representative Council.
  2. The Administrative Year  For the purpose of administering the affairs of CTBRD, the year shall run from 1stJanuary to 31stDecember. For members, officers and co-opted members due to retire, their terms of office will cease officially at the AGM – January/February of the New Year.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution Amendments to the Constitution shall be made by the Representative Council. At least 6 weeks notice shall be given to members of such proposed amendments, which must be passed by a majority of the membership of the Representative Council (excluding co-opted members) present and voting.

The Constitution shall be reviewed every three years, and amended as and when thought necessary.

Agreed at CTBRD AGM 18th January 2018